“A lifelong interest in photography did not lead to a career in the field. Now, I finally have the time and renewed desire to delve deeply into the craft and art of photography. The International Center of Photography (ICP) has been my second home for the past ten years, and there I have developed as a photographer in terms of my skill set and in helping me to find my artistic vision (still working on it!).

My principal work involves the New York City region’s boxing world. I am in the midst of a long-term project on it that I hope to turn into a book soon. Additionally, I shoot in a lot of NYC’s underground music clubs, NYC’s street life, and the ever-changing city that is New York.

Fine art photography is now competing with the gritty world of boxing for my attention. They are paradoxical to each other, and therein lies the excitement.”

– Ralph Salomon



Ralph Salomon